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Hormonal Harmony & a Smooth Transition to Menopause is Possible,

Your ticket to Healthy Weight Management, Smoother Cycles, Increased Energy & Better Sleep. 

First, does this sound like you?

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imagine this...

Everything you need to be the best version of you!

 With the right Training, Tools & Support you can have More Energy, Better Moods, Better Sleep, Lose Excess Body Fat, Have Less Pain & Inflammation and More Control of your Health. Best of all, you don’t have to go it alone, your support crew & Holistic Hormone Nutritionist await!

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Education, Tools & Training to provide clarity around Nutrition & Lifestyle 

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Accountability, Coaching & Support from a Clinical Holistic Nutritionist

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Companionship & Connection with others on the same journey


Here's what's included:

Self Paced 12 Week Course

The 12-week self-paced Foundations of Hormone Harmony Course is everything I say on repeat to clients. Mindset, Lifestyle & Nutrition 101.

Private Community

A supportive community of Women coming together to find Hormonal Harmony, Reach their goals & get advice & support. 

Fortnightly LIVE Calls

A live masterclass each month, plus a Live Q & A session.  Members help choose topics. Perimenopause? PMS? Let’s go deep together!

Monthly Challenge

Each month we will have a new accountability  challenge in the Hub. You’ll get the resources, support & accountability to make it a success.

Hi there, I'm Julie

My journey to become a qualified Clinical Nutritionist started when my health hit rock bottom in my early 30’s.  My thyroid and adrenals crashed leaving me with zero energy.  I was plagued with allergies, sinus and gut issues and my hormones were all over the show.  It was a very lonely, frustrating and confusing time.

After much time and money spent on specialists and tests, I ended up seeing a Doctor with Nutrition training.  He suggested that changing my Diet and Lifestyle could help me get to the root of my health challenges.  It wasn’t always easy but the changes were profound.  Finally, I felt energised, empowered and in control and knew I had to help others too.  

I have a passion for helping Women thrive and have learned from the best in Natural Women’s Health care. I am dedicated to my cause and the Holistic Hormone academy is the resource I wish I had available when I needed it most x


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Are you ready to experience the quality of life you deserve?

let's go with yes!

Here's a sneak peak of the Foundations Course:

The foundations course is everything I want to go through with every client but it would cost them too much time & money.


Goal Setting

Guiding Principles vs Dieting

Balanced Meals & Portion Sizes

The organised Healthy Kitchen

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Metabolism, Energy & Fat Burning

Eating Mindfully

Honouring Hunger & Fullness

Cravings & Emotional Eating


Self Sabotage Behaviours

Sleep, Stress & Self Care

Eating Out & Choosing Well


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Let's talk about the support...

The course lays the foundations of your transformation. Support and Accountability are what will put your knowledge to action and help you reach your goals. 

Fortnightly Live Calls

A new live workshop each month and a live Q & A session to dive deeper into anything needing it.

Monthly Challenges

Let’s do it together. Accountability, Motivation & Resources to make it happen!

The Hub

Get your questions answered and connect with your fellow Hubsters for tips & support.

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Get in on the action and get the results you deserve!

And just a reminder this is the Pilot launch.
Here are the benefits of joining the pilot as a founding member:

Joining the Academy (Pilot) is easy!

Take advantage of the special pilot program pricing and limited numbers

Pay Monthly


Get instant access to the pilot program with easy monthly payments. $399 per month value.

Commit to 12 weeks


Commit to the pilot program for 12 weeks and save $34 off the monthly price.  Nearly $1200 of value total.

*  Please note – The Prices are for the Pilot Program only and will increase during the official launch.  Join now to lock in the lower rate. If you chose the 12 week option you can chose to renew for 12 weeks or move to pay monthly after your 12 week commitment at the founding member rates.

Doors Close Soon:


You've got Q's? We've got A's.

This is a brand-new membership.  The pilot just means it is new, so a trial run. It is exceptional value as the course alone is worth more then the membership (over the time it takes to do it). Eventually the course and masterclass recordings will be available as stand alone products at the RRP but as DIY products – none of the amazing support you get via the membership.

I can give you general advice in the group and answer your general health questions that are related to the course and membership content. If you need specific or specialised health advice or support then I would suggest adding a Health & Hormone Audit alongside. You will gain a lot out of this and it will allow me to suggest the best supplements, nutrition and lifestyle tweaks that are specific to your symptoms and goals. I can also have a look at any test results for you, check supplements against medications, answer the more personal questions and give you a prescription for practitioner only grade supplements and testing.

No this is my IP (intellectual property) and only those who have paid to be members are authorised to access the information including the course and all the digital resources you are given during your time in the membership. 

I know life happens. I have designed the membership to give you tools to reach your goals even when the wheels are falling off. However if you need to pause or cancel the subscription you can easily do so yourself. You will have to pay the listed price when you resubscribe though as the founding member price is only locked it while you are active. 

Good question. The group part of the membership will be paused from 22 December until 15 January. You can still access everything in the group while paused. I will just be having a break from answering questions and responding so you won’t be able to post over this period. There is still a workshop and a live q & a call (both) in both December and January and the course content will continue to be unlocked over this time if you would like to continue. Your payment (if monthly) will continue as scheduled.

Not for the pilot sorry.

I am confident that the value you get will far exceed the investment you make. I would really like committed and aligned members for the pilot.

With anything health related you will really only get out what you are willing to put in so results can never be guarantied.

I have designed the membership in a holistic way that is focused around taking action rather than just learning more information. I have covered all angles that I can for a group program to help you get the results you deserve.

You can cancel at any time and if you feel unsure, you might find the monthly payment option a better fit or you can wait until the full launch where I will likely offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

If you still have questions, please feel free to send me an email