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Are you feeling sluggish after Winter?  Allergies flaring?  Are your hormones out of whack? Have you gained some unwanted Winter Weight?

In only two weeks, RESET can help you get back on track. Sometimes all it takes to break through to the next level of health, is to hit the RESET button.

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Hi I'm Julie, I'm a Qualified, Holistic Nutritionist...

I created RESET to help Women like you take their health to the next level.  When I first studied the science of detoxification, I realised that so many detoxification protocols had it wrong. They were providing a good bowel cleanse, but the liver was not getting the tools for the job. Most people have overactive phase I detox and sluggish phase II.  Phase II is reliant on amino acids (protein) to prevent toxins recirculating.  Many Women were struggling through the protocols with unbalanced blood sugar levels and not giving their detoxification organs what they needed.  

I set out to create something more balanced.  Juicing and Fasting is strictly optional.  I wanted something that I could use with my own clients that would also not encourage  disordered eating.  I wanted Women to feel good throughout the process, and leave with great habits and a clear path forward.  RESET is a period of supporting detoxification processes while also learning how to support these processes in everyday life.  Amazing results without too much discomfort.

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