The Health & Hormone Audit gives you Clear & Personalised, Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations.

To get you on path to more energy, calmness, clarity and Hormonal Balance.

Many Women at different stages of their lives, feel that their hormones are taking over...

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Maybe it's time for a different perspective?

This is where the Health & Hormone Audit comes in

Get personalised, expert recommendations on the most effective nutrition & lifestyle adjustments for the most benefits with the least changes.  

The Health & Hormone Audit has been designed to cut through the confusion and overwhelm to get you results fast. You can finally be on the path to the best version of you!

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Get the top dietary & lifestyle changes for you to help your symptoms.

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Info on what’s driving your symptoms from a whole-body systems perspective.

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Recommendations for supplements and further services or testing to help you.

Oh, hi there,

I'm Julie

I had no idea of the power of nutrition & lifestyle change until I was able to rid myself of daily migraines, brain fog, zero energy, gut, sleep & skin issues and put my autoimmune thyroid disease into remission simply by making some key nutritional & lifestyle adjustments. 

It all started when an integrative doctor suggested some dietary changes which sparked not only a healing response but a desire to help other Women experience this. I decided not to return to my teaching career but to put in the hard yards to become a qualified Clinical Nutritionist.  

Here's what you get:

It’s easy to get your Health & Hormone audit and get on path to the best version of you. Here’s what you get….


Before we get started you fill out a comprehensive questionaire detailing goals and symptoms.  You can also upload test results.

1-1 Consultation

You get a 30-minute 1-1 consultation with me where we can both ask questions to get clear on what will help.

Custom Action Plan

I will provide you with a custom audit report with my top recommendations for you to get to your goals as quickly as possible.

Who is this for?

Perimenopause symptom & metabolic support

Pregnancy support & Postpartum concerns & repletion

Thyroid, Adrenal & Gut issues and concerns

PCOS, PMS & Menstrual cycle irregularities

The Health & Hormone Audit is for everyone.  If you have a diagnosed condition, have had many years of symptoms or know that your needs are more complex, you might want to consider going straight into a consultation package.  You can still book a Health & Hormone audit as a taster session however if you’d like.

Kind Words from Clients.

how it works

Here's how it all works



Book your chosen consultation time

When you click to purchase your Health & Hormone audit you will be taken to my calendar to book your 30-minute 1-1 consultation at the time of your choice.

Once you have made your payment you’ll receive a confirmation email that will include the pre consultation questionnaire so you can add all the information about what is going on for you that you would like support with.



We meet on Zoom for a One-to-one chat.

In that confirmation email I talked about in step 1, you will receive an invite to to our Zoom meeting and confirmation of our appointment.  You just need to follow the link at the confirmed time of our meeting and we will connect.

As you’ve already filled out the form before we meet I have a good idea of what is going on and what help you would like so can dive in.  I will ask questions and make sure I am clear on your goals before delivering your repot.



You receive your audit report & recommendations.

Your audit report is not just a summary of your symptoms. It is designed to give you practical advice to get back into balance.  I will give you my top recommendations for your goals or to help with your symptoms.

If your case is complex or requires further investigation I can let you know my recommendations for further testing and support and recommended next steps.

Get Your Personalised Health & Hormone Audit

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  • Comprehensive Pre Consultation Questioniare
  • 30 Minute One-to-One Consultation
  • Personalised Audit Report with Top Recommendations
Frequently asked questions

You've got Q's? I've got A's.

Here’s some answers to commonly asked questions. You can find my email address below for anything specific.

While the Health & Hormone audit is designed for everyone, if you have a diagnosed condition (Endometriosis for example), have had many years of symptoms or know you have more complex needs you may benefit more from from jumping straight into a consultation package.  You are still welcome to use the H & H audit as a taster session but you’re needs are more complex and you will benefit from continued care.

Sorry, only Doctors can give you a medical diagnosis.  I can tell you if you would benefit from testing and further investigation and refer you back to your doctor if needed.  

You can upload your blood tests for me to look at from an optimal/functional perspective as part of the audit (must be uploaded on the form you fill out).  On your report I might recommend blood tests that you maybe able to get from your GP or you can self-refer to your local lab for.  These will help put together a picture of what is at the root of your symptoms. 

If you want interpretation of any tests after the audit process, you will need to be in a package (a client). I will put an offer to continue working together in the audit report if we are a good fit. Normally this offer will discount the price of the audit off the package and you will also be offered a payment plant. 

As a Clinical Nutritionist I have access to a wide range of Functional tests like DUTCH hormone testing (dried urine), saliva hormone testing, vaginal microbiome, gut microbiome, food allergy and intolerance testing and more. Most are at home test kits that via my supplier get sent overseas for analysis. Associated costs of recommended tests will be in your audit report (except blood as that is lab dependent). 

Yes, it is 100% necessary. It is important to me to have all the information required to make safe and effective recommendations. It also helps you get the most of our time together.

Yes, you can get a one of prescription as long as you have provided all your information, filled out the form that includes any medical information and supplements and medications you are already taking and have had the one-on-one consultation with me.  My suppliers have online prescription services which means I issue a prescription and you order directly from them, and they send directly to you.

No, Women’s Health is not completely separate to general health. I just have an interest in working in the more specialised area of hormonal health and do a lot of my ongoing professional development in thyroid health, menstrual cycle dysfunction etc.  I do work with Men and with general health issues as well.  If you are unsure, you will find my email address below and you can contact me to discuss your case.  

If you've still got questions for me or want to chat, please email me anytime! I'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure: