What if you could Lose the 'meno belly' without dieting or deprivation?

Master your Midlife Metabolism without giving up your favourite foods with Midlife Metabolism Mastery. Your Perimenopause Weightloss Solution.

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Perimenopausal woman measuring waist as suddenly she is experiencing 'meno belly' or menopausal weight gain

First, Can you relate?

What if I told you there was a better way?

You can feel relaxed about your food choices and still be in control during Perimenopause & beyond

Feel at Ease knowing exactly what to eat to feel vibrantly healthy.

Freedom from hunger & cravings and still able to enjoy your favourite foods.

Easily button up that pair of jeans you thought you’d never fit again!

Sound too good to be true?

Let' me show you how....

Hi there, I'm Julie,

I feel better in my 40’s then I did in my 30’s, despite already being midway through perimenopause. The best part is that I’ve achieved this without restrictive dieting, excessive exercise, or having to take a ton of supplements. I now have more energy to enjoy life.

Things weren’t always like this for me. I hit the wall big time in my early 30’s. My health was as on a downward spiral. I had zero energy, daily migraines, weight gain and had an ever-growing list of sensitivities and allergies.

  • I tried the medical route but was told my symptoms were normal for a mother of young children and was given anti-depressants.
  • I tried cutting carbs and pushing myself to exercise, but I felt worse. I later discovered I had an undiagnosed thyroid disorder, HPA dysfunction (adrenal fatigue) a fat disorder (lipoedema) and other conditions complicating matters.
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I felt lost, alone & frustrated

But, sometimes the breakdown happens right before the breakthrough. I knew I needed to try something different, an approach that would empower me to take back control.

I saw an integrative doctor who treated me with Nutrition & Lifestyle only. I learned the power of Nutrition and everything shifted so much I became a Clinical Nutritionist so I could help others too.

However, I had to change it up again when I hit Perimenopause

I started to put on new body fat – in different places! I started to experience new Aches & pain, hot flushes, insomnia and my immune system took a dive. What had worked for me before, no longer did. I wondered if I was entering the spiral again!

The problem was I did not know I was in Perimenopause! I did not realise that perimenopause could start in your mid to late 30’s! Once I figured out what was going on I threw myself into learning everything I could about Perimenopause and applying that learning to myself. I left space for living and enjoying food though as a foodie with a busy family life (4 kids).

Soon enough, with the right knowledge and some new tools I was able to start shifting the meno belly, regulate my mood and emotions, resolve peri symptoms like hot flushes and insomnia, strengthen my immune system and restore my energy.

That’s when it hit me – I had to bring all of the tools, training and supportive practices I had learned along the way to other Perimenopausal Women so they too could thrive during this time of change. 

So last year I did just that! I created the Midlife Metabolic Mastery course and set up a beta test or pilot membership. Here are some snippets of what the pilot members had to say along the way:

A glowing testimonial for the course

Now, I have refined the course, made it available as a self study, self paced course (still with support) and created a clear pathway to help Women master their Midlife Metabolism and overhaul their health for good – in 3 easy steps:


Your Perimenopause Weight Loss Solution

The first DIET FREE – 12 week Supported Self Study course to help you lose the ‘Meno Belly’, Master your Midlife Metabolism & Take Control of your Health during Perimenopause & Beyond. 

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Here's what's included:

You’ll get instant access to everything you need to adapt your Nutrition, Lifestyle & Mindset during Perimenopause to drop the ‘Meno belly’, have increased energy &  better moods & sleep.

Self Study Course

3 simple steps with weekly lessons & actionable tasks designed to create lasting habit change that works for you. No dieting or scales!

Lifetime Access

You’ll get lifetime access to the lessons & downloads so you can revisit the learning when you have new goals.

Private Community

Access to a supportive online community of others on the same journey. Get support, answers to your questions & feedback.

Looking for a sneak peek?

Pic shows all of the modules and lessons for the course Midlife Metabolic Mastery

Check out the 3 simple steps to Midlife Metabolism Mastery. Each lesson contains a Video Presentation & at least one Work Book, Tool, Guide or Practical Exercise to be sure that your learning will be grounded into your everyday life, for good!

Lesson 1 – Goal Setting – Learn about Outcome Based vs Behaviour Based Goals so you can finally create goals that stick and get you results.

Lesson 2 – Guiding Principles vs Dieting – Discover the diet free guiding principles of the program so you can develop a healthy relationship with food.

Lesson 3 – Creating Balanced Meals – Learn to create meals easily, without measuring anything and in the perfection portion size so that you can lose body fat and have more energy throughout the day. 

Lesson 4 – The Organised Healthy Kitchen – Get organised for success so it is easy for you to reach your goals.

To Help you complete module 1 and implement the foundations faster & easier you’ll get: A Goal Setting Workbook, Principles of Success Guide & Checklist, the Healthy Upgrades Formula, Healthy Habits Tracker, Handy Portion Control Visual Guide, plus the Balanced Meal Formula & Organised Healthy Kitchen Guide + Shopping List

Image shows first 4 lessons titles
Image shows next 4 lessons

Lesson 5 – Energy & Metabolism – Learn how to master your metabolism & maximise fat burning & energy levels so you can reach your goals faster. 

Lesson 6 – Mindful Eating – Master mindful eating so you can improve your digestion and feel more in control. 

Lesson 7 – Intuitive Eating – This powerful lesson helps you understand the 4 types of hunger and how to identify ‘true hunger’ so you can finally reach your midlife weightloss goals. 

Lesson 8 – Emotional Eating – Learn more about cravings and emotional eating so you can easily find better ways to work through your cravings & emotions  and finally see the results you desire.

To Help you complete module 2 faster and easier and create healthy habits for life you’ll get:  The Scale Free Progress Tracker, the Mindful Meal Journal, A Hunger & Fullness Guide, Plus an Emotional Eating Guide and Practical Activity to Ground your Learning.

Lesson 9 – Moving Beyond Self Sabotage – Learn to recognise self sabotage, know what it really is and how to overcome it so you can finally get the results you’ve been looking for. 

Lesson 10 – Sleep, Stress & Self Care – This lesson will help you learn about the impact of stress on our health & midlife metabolism. Learn the difference between self care and self comfort so you don’t sabotage your success.

Lesson 11 – Eating out & on the Road – Master eating out and chosing well so if it happens a little too often you won’t compromise your goals.

Lesson 12 – Movement – This lesson will help you  find a type of movement or exercise that you love, so that you don’t see exercise as a form of punishment.

To Help you complete module 3 faster and easier you’ll get:  The Stop Self Sabotage Formula, A Me Time Menu & Tracker, An Emergency Snack Shopping List, as well as a Movement You Love Habit Tracker & Practical Activity to Ground the Transformation.

Image shows next 4 lessons
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Joining is easy!

Stop midlife weight gain in it’s tracks and discover how to lose the ‘Meno belly’ without dieting or deprivation. You can get started right now!

Over $1000 value for only


Special Introductory offer. Get started on your journey now.

One off secure credit card payment via Stripe and a 14 day Money Back Guarantee.

Sign up today and you'll receive these limited time bonuses!

Because I really want to see you succeed and I like to reward action takers I’m going to give you access to these incredible bonuses, strictly for a limited time:


You’ll get instant access to 3 masterclasses. Perimenopause +  Stress SOS & Love your Gut so you can get results faster. 


Mock up Webinar picture - Perimenopause SOS, Stress SOS & Love your gut webinars

To make it even easier to lose the Meno Belly, you’ll get bonus recipe collections thoughtfully placed throughout the course.



Like to revisit course lessons & have a hardcopy of the tools? Your bonus downloads include an all in one workbook & more


Shows cover of all in one midlife metabolism mastery all in one course book

Don’t miss out on these incredible limited time bonuses!

Image shows bonus webinars

Learn why what worked for you before no longer does during Perimenopause. We want to cover all the bases and not let stress, gut health or lack of knowledge of the perimenopause transition prevent you from getting results that last for ever.

You’ll get instant access to my Perimenopause & Stress SOS masterclasses along with my Love your Gut masterclass so you’ll understand how to adapt your nutrition, lifestyle and mindset during Perimenopause so you can have stable energy, sleep, moods & lose the meno belly for good.

Value $120


It’s not enough for me to tell you what works, I am here to show you how, and how you can easily reach your goals while still enjoying delicious simple food. 

Your bonus recipe collections include the instantly available Nourishing Whole foods recipe collection (40+ recipes), Plus 6 other recipe collections delivered within the lessons so that you can easily reach your goals and create new lifelong habits.

Value $80


Your bonus downloads include a printable ‘All in one workbook’ you can print then whip out if you feel you are going off track or want to go to that next level. This contains all the downloads listed in each lesson – combined into one workbook.

There’s also a low starch food list so that you can easily implement those balanced meals for sustainable weight loss and a blank meal planner so you can get organised with your new, optimised meals. I’ve sprinkled all of the limited time bonuses throughout the lessons to  to make the modules easier to implement and to not overwhelm you with ‘stuff’. I want this to be the last weight loss or Perimenopause program you purchase!

Value over $50

Joining is easy!

Stop midlife weight gain in it’s tracks and discover how to lose the ‘Meno belly’ without dieting or deprivation. You can get started right now. Here is a reminder of what you get:

Over $1270 worth of value.
All yours today for only:


Get started on your journey right away and take advantage of both the limited time intro offer and Bonuses

Secure Credit Card payment via Stripe and 14 day Money Back Guarantee.

Hear what others have to say:

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try Midlife Metabolism Mastery for 14 days 100% risk-free. I’m confident that if you follow this program, apply what you learn, and use the support provided, you’ll start to shift the meno belly. I have helped countless Women do the same. If for any reason, you find you don’t love it, email me, I’ll issue you a refund, no questions asked. Yep. It’s that easy.

You've got Q's? I've got A's.

Answers to any questions you may still have. Feel free to email if there is anything else!

Congratulations of investing in your health! Once you have purchased you will get a confirmation email that contains the link to the course portal so you can log in and get started. You will have access to the welcome video, first weeks lessons and all of the bonuses. 

You will get a welcome email that will have the link to the group. Each week you will get access to the next lesson. As the tasks are actionable I felt it best to deliver the lessons weekly so you don’t get overwhelmed.

The course has been designed to easily fit into any lifestyle using a step by step approach to build life long habits and strong foundations. Hence being spread over 12 weeks. The videos are approximately 20 minutes each and you will have the week to take action and implement the learning.

We make time for what is important for us. I have done my best to build a course that teaches the foundations in a sustainable way. I trust that if reaching your goals is important to you, you will make the commitment to get the results you deserve.

This is a diet free course so I am not going to give you a list of foods you have to cut out. There are guiding principles that you will learn but we do have an 80/20 approach. There is room for celebratory meals (birthday cake! etc). This is Nutrition for life not some fad program. You won’t have to eliminate anything entirely.

Again this course has been designed to take a step by step approach and to apply the learning practically as you go. You will be able to ask questions in the group and get feedback so you can be sure that the suggestions will work for you. To get the most out of the program I suggest you share what you currently eat for a meal in the group and I will help you optimise it.

Absolutely! Once we enter Perimenopause there is no going back, our body  adjusts to running off a different fuel. We have different requirements then we did when we were ovulating. What is relevant during Perimenopause is even more relevant post menopause. We need to take extra care of our hearts, brains, bones and general health.

Yes you can. However I can’t guarantee that the price will be the same and that the limited time bonuses will still be available then. To get the current deal you need to take action now. 

In case you missed it there is a 14 day money back guarantee. This guarantee is not about results (remember this is not a diet) but to give you peace of mind that if you feel the course is not right for you or if your circumstances change you can get a refund within the first 2 weeks.

Absolutely! Knowledge is power. Perimenopause can creep up on you like it did to me. I hear this all too often and Women can spend years trying to figure out what is going on for them after being told that they are too young for menopause. The sooner the better when it comes to implementing this knowledge.

The Facebook community will be your support hub during your 12 week journey. You can ask your questions in the group. I will personally answer your questions within 24 working hours (my time). The questions must be relevant to the course content.

While I give you plenty of recipes to make it easier to get your meals balanced, there is no set meal plan as such. You will learn how to optimise your families favourite meals so all of the family can benefit from the upgrades. We have an entire lesson based on this and if you get stuck on ideas jump into the group and ask 🙂

The principles will work for everyone. I personally did not grow up eating a super healthy diet or was particularly sporty. I have had to overcome all of what I teach – emotional eating, self sabotage – the lot! I encourage my clients to always focus on progress over perfection and to remember that this is a journey. Any step in the right direction is eventually going to take you to a whole new destination. Yes, even baby steps!

Results can never be guaranteed as any results are dependent on action, and that is out of my hands and entirely up to you. Basically you will get out what you put in.

I do offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you decide that the course is not right for you. Just email me and let me know why the course is not right for you and I will refund your money.

If you've still got questions for me or want to chat about the course, please email me anytime! julie@nurturenutrition.co.nz