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I'm Julie, a Holistic Nutritionist

I know what it is like to feel anxious about your health and confused about how to get better. When my health hit rock bottom in my early thirties, I worried that I would not have the energy to be a good Mother to my young children.  My body was on a downward spiral.  I had lost control. I was seeing multiple Doctors, and medical specialists, but not getting answers.   

In my case, gut issues were driving several autoimmune conditions and contributing to a host of allergies.  I was nutrient depleted and burnt out. I finally worked with an integrative doctor and started to improve drastically.  All with dietary and lifestyle adjustments. My passion to become a qualified and registered Nutritionist was sparked.  As a teacher I already had a passion for helping others, but empowering Women to reclaim their health is my true passion

I am passionate about Helping Women thrive.

Meet Julie a Nutritionist at Nurture Nutrition

My Core Values


All of my clients list empathy as one of my greatest values.  I am a great listener and a natural problem solver.  I have been where you are and won’t judge you.


I love my work as I am always learning new info.  I love a challenge and love to find answers.  I am well supported by my mentors and am always open to growth and learning.


I like the challenge of helping people with complex needs.  I collect a lot of information then think very carefully about how I can get you results, fast. 


I think in terms of possibilites and am a visionary thinker.  I can help you see how your future will look once you have implemented some changes.  There is so much you can do!

How Can I help you?

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  • Julie genuinely cares about your health and wants the best for you, at times making you feel like you are her only client. She looks at the big picture, piecing all the symptoms together to work out the best solution. She provides extremely reassuring support while you are on your journey to the best version of yourself and is a wealth of knowledge providing lots of hints and tips along the way. Julie takes away the loneliness of trying to solve your health problems on your own.

    Julie, Hamilton. NZ
  • I’ve been to a lot of practitioners in the past to help me get to the bottom of my longstanding health issues, with varied results. Julie’s vast knowledge and personal experience with similar issues to mine has meant we’ve been able to address my complaints and see some great results. I really appreciate that she is happy to take things slow, and by doing what’s right for my body so that we can hopefully see long-lasting results. Working online via Zoom has also made our appointments super easy!

    Emma, Raglan. NZ
  • I love how caring and empathetic you are Julie. You have helped me immensely so far, I feel like I am finally on the path to wellness. I have worked with countless other people in the health and well being industry and none have gone anywhere near your level of support. I am so glad to have you on my team! Thank you from the bottom of my heart..”

    – Kim, Hamilton. New Zealand
  • I am immensely grateful for Julie and her assistance on my wellness journey. We have worked together for a while now and in that time have addressed many ongoing issues which have made such a difference to my wellbeing. She is very compassionate, understanding and full of knowledge and always going above and beyond to guide and support me. Her plans are thorough yet broken down in a way that is easy to understand with many ideas on how best to implement when it may seem too challenging or overwhelming. I love her holistic approach empathic and kind nature and look forward to continuing working with her..”

    – Cushla, Hamilton. New Zealand
  • Julie is approachable, friendly, easy to talk to and listens carefully to you as you talk about your health and symptoms. She is knowledgeable with her answers concerning nutrition and the body and will go away and provide extra support where you wish to have support. I feel that the treatment plan I have been given is manageable and achievable. I feel supported in that I can email Julie and ask about nutrition and health concerns as I undertake the plan. It is great to see my skin condition improving already as well as my mental and physical health benefiting. I am excited to see the results I may be able to achieve. Thank you Julie..”

    – Jen, Hamilton. New Zealand