i have been where you are..

I was able to regain my quality of life by changing my diet and lifestyle with clear guidance from a professional.  I want this for you too.

My Passion for Women's health began when

I recovered from my own health crisis. 

I was in my early 30’s and had just had my third child when my health tanked.  I was passed around between Doctors and Specialists with no real answers.  My health spiraled out of control until I tried something different.

I saw an integrative doctor who treated me solely with diet and lifestyle, getting to the root cause of my issues rather than just working on the symptoms.  It turns out my hormone imbalance, thyroid disorder, chronic allergies and complete exhaustion were only symptoms of deeper issues.  Once my gut was healed and my nutrient deficiencies addressed I was a whole new person.

I went from feeling hopeless and frustrated that I wasn’t able to be the Mum or person I wanted to be, to empowered and back in control of my health and life.  My brain fog lifted, my allergies resolved and my energy increased.  I knew I wanted to help other Women get back in the drivers seat with their own health, and started the journey to become a qualified clinical Nutritionist.

Some facts about me

I am a Mother of Four Children

Before my career change I was a Teacher

My work energises me and I love it so much

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