Image of Julie McGill Holistic Nutritionist
Hi there,

I'm Julie

I can help you get to the root of your symptoms and get your body back into balance, so you can finally have the quality of life you deserve.  

My own healing journey is what ignited my passion for helping Women become the best versions of themselves. I know how it feels when your health is spiraling out of control, and I know the healing power of nutrition and lifestyle change personally.

With more energy, stable moods, a clear head, better sleep and a healthier body you really can become the best version of you.  

i never wanted to be a nutritionist when i grew up.

I became a teacher.  My Health was an afterthought until it was pushed to the forefront

I had only just reached my 30’s when my health crashed.

I developed autoimmune thyroid disease, chronic sinusitis, allergies & food intolerances. I had four Children to take care of and was burnt out!  Daily migraines, brain fog, zero energy, gut, sleep & skin issues had me spiraling.  When I reached out for help through the traditional channels, I was gaslighted and told my symptoms were normal for Mothers or even worse – in my head!  

I was given band aid medications to block the symptoms and sent away to wait and see what would happen next. 

I knew there had to be a better way. I had to go deep, take ownership, seek answers and support to help me take back control. 

Dipping my toes in it was an integrative doctor I saw first. He treated me only with dietary and lifestyle changes. I went from feeling hopeless and frustrated that I wasn’t able to be the Mum I wanted to be, to feeling empowered and resilient enough to gain control of my health and stop the spiral.

My brain fog lifted, my allergies resolved my immune system stopped attacking my thyroid (remission) and my energy increased. 

I was mind blown and knew I wanted to help other Women achieve what I had so started the journey to become a Clinical Nutritionist.

While I can now thrive with a more balanced lifestyle, like most of my clients, I am a lifer. I can’t change the genetics that predispose me to certain health conditions, but I can maintain an amazing quality of life regardless.  I also have lipoedema a genetic adipose (fat) disease.  My challenges have made me empathetic, resilient and committed to being the best and healthiest version of ME.

I can help guide you to be the best version of you x


Kind Words from Clients.