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Eat Like it’s Spring for Healthy Weight Loss

If Starch & Fat is the worst combo for weight gain then Protein & Fiber are your allies when it comes to reducing body fat. I am all for being the best version of you but if you know you need to reduce your body fat to be healthier, then this is a healthy way to do it.

Eat like its Spring!

Eat like it’s Spring – Focus on Fibre and Protein.  These are the foods nature has readily available for us in Spring when it’s time to lighten up, lose the Winter ‘layer’ and feel more energised. 

Autumn and Winter foods tend to be more Carbohydrate and Fat based, and this is the best combo for weight gain.  Think starchy carbohydrates like grains and root vegetables that store well through the Winter months.  

In days gone by we would have had to completely change what we eat by the seasons.  In Spring we tend to have more of the above ground vegetables (less starchy) available in abundance as the ground is warm and anything we put in it grows.  The animals are leaner and less fatty. So we really can take ques from Nature about what we should be eating and when. 

Nowadays however, it really is just optional.  We have an abundance of  processed, and refined foods that have us eating like its Autumn and Winter all year round.  In days gone by, by Spring, the Winter stores would be exhausted and we would be welcoming the return of the full growing season.

The worst combo for Weight gain

Fat and Carbs are the basis for most processed foods – think fast food etc. They are also the easiest to overeat as they do not promote satiety – fullness, and are less nutrient dense leaving us craving nutrients which instinctively leaves us looking for the next thing to eat.

Protein and Fiber to the rescue!

I know for many this is a mindset shift, I get it.  You don’t have to do it all at once.  Either start by cutting down refined carbohydrates (breads, crackers, biscuits etc), moderating starches (cutting down your serve of potatoes, rice etc maybe go 50/50 rice and brassica rice (cauli or broccoli or combo) and getting adequate protein in each meal (palm size of animal protein, two palm sizes for plant based) and loading up on non-starchy vegetables.

Or start with just one meal.  My balanced meal planner for Hormonal Harmony is basically built on this model so if you haven’t already, pick up your free copy now.

Prepare for success

It really can be as simple as cooking up a big serve of non-starchy vegetables, adding some flavour and a source of protein and cooking it all in a bit of healthy fat. If you have no time to prepare your lunch then cook extra for Dinner and have leftovers. If you focus on Fibre and Protein I have no doubt that you will be getting more micronutrients as well.

Change your mindset around what a meal should look like

Rename your meals, Meal 1, Meal 2 and Meal 3. You can eat the same kinds of food for Meal 1 as you would Meal 3 – The first meal of the day does not have to be cereal or toast.  This is conditioning! There is also no reason why you can’t have a protein smoothie for lunch if you feel like it.  There is nothing wrong with protein powder to help you get more also.  

If you have gained weight without changing your diet or are concerned that you may have underlying hormonal issues leading to an inability to lose excess body fat then please consider hitting the button below to learn how I can help.  Even if you start with a Health and Hormone Audit I can give you insight into tests, lifestyle adjustments, nutrition and supplements that can help you be the best version of you and get the quality of life you deserve.  I hope this blog has helped x

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