Fatigue and Energy - Coming out of your cave this Spring.

Fatigue and Energy – Coming out of your Cave this Spring

If you are asking yourself ‘Why am I so tired?’ you are in the right place.

Fatigue can take away from your quality of life. You may notice how when you are fatigued you struggle to function properly. It is the same for your cells when they lack energy. Your digestion may be sluggish, or your immune system may not be able to fight off infections as efficiently for example.

These are all essential processes that your body needs cellular energy for. This blog is focussed on helping you to restore cellular energy so you can have more balanced moods, less brain fog, muscle aches and pains and more stamina.

Fatigue can be caused by many factors here are some of the most common:

• Chronic Stress (I am seeing this often as the past few years of being on edge for many people has taken its toll)
• Nutritional Deficiencies
• Poor sleep quality
• Mitochondrial dysfunction (more on this below)

General Nutrition Support for Increased Energy

When it comes to nutrition, your body needs the right fuel to run at its best. This fuel comes in the form of good quality carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.

Yes, I am going to talk about a balanced diet again and remind you I have a free  balanced meal planner to help you put this into practice😊 An adequate and balanced intake of these macronutrients is essential to maintain optimal energy levels.

For most people the most important factor to focus on toward creating balanced meals is, ensuring you get enough protein. Most people find it easy to eat carbs and fats as they tend to be more convenient.  Consuming high quality protein at each meal helps regulate blood glucose levels, providing you with a steady source of energy throughout the day. Protein can be obtained from both animal sources, such as dairy, seafood, eggs and meats, and vegetable sources such as beans and legumes.  As you can see sometimes this requires some planning ahead.

Beyond this, several micronutrients are also required to help your body create energy, such as B vitamins (including vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12), magnesium and coenzyme Q10.

Deficiencies of these nutrients can lead to a reduction in cellular energy production (ATP – that is what the mitochondria I mentioned are responsible for making) and ultimately, fatigue.

There are other common nutrient deficiencies that can contribute to physical or mental fatigue. These include iodine, iron, omega-3 essential fatty acids, choline, selenium, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. (anything underlined has an article that can help you determine which foods are high in this micronutrient and may provide info on how to tell if you are deficient and supplementing etc).

Get more Support to come out of your Cave this Spring:

I have multiple blogs on helping you manage stress and build physical resilience here

How I can Help you personally

1. Provide you with the core nutrients required for you personally, to support cellular energy production based on your symptoms and goals.

2. Provide dietary and lifestyle guidance to help restore and maximise your energy levels.

3. Identify if you need more investigation into underlying causes of fatigue (for example if you need blood tests for thyroid function or nutritional deficiencies).

I can do all of this for the low cost of $149 with a short time investment of 30 mins (plus the time it takes to fill out the pre consultation form) with a Health & Hormone Audit.  Or if you know you will likely need help to implement strategies and stay motivated I can offer you all of the above plus coaching and support with my one to one packages. You can read more here.

Part two is coming soon and will cover Stress, Sleep, Dehydration and more.

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